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Strength training: Why women in their 40s need to start now

When you lift weights, magic happens. At least, that’s what it feels like for me. It doesn’t occur overnight — in about three months from personal experience — but reaching for a 20-pound dumbbell instead of a five feels like proven success. Not to mention the confidence of knowing that I’m doing what I can to prepare my body for a healthy future.

Always needing the why more than the how, I researched strength training facts for women in their 40s to get my glutes in gear during a recent lull.

My Dirty Little Secret: Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair

When I turned 30, my Auntie Kathleen gifted me my first bottle of beauty cult classic Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair – with a knowing wink of what was to come. Now 17 years later, I still slather it all over my face every night – and morning – and am mildly addicted to its glamorously dewy moisture.

The brand calls itself “a next-generation super serum that visibly reduces multiple signs of aging with fast-repair and youth-generating power.” Sephora lists more than 2,400 reviews, with a 4

Changing face: The truth about our skin before and during menopause

Growing older is a beautiful gift. Along for the ride come changes to our bodies, including how we face the world — and how the world receives us.

Beginning in perimenopause, so about mid-forties for most women, our bodies reduce the amount of estrogen we produce. We stop ovulating, and this drop in estrogen, our longtime companion since puberty, throws off our progesterone, leaving our hormones unbalanced. Now is when telltale signs like missed periods, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness begin —

Grey's Anatomy: The politics, science, and art of growing grey

“Like so many, I stopped dying my hair at the beginning of the pandemic. Not by choice at first,” said Christine Wolf, 43, a motion picture editor (above). “But once I realized how much grey hair I had, I thought I would give it a go.”

Thus began one of the biggest beauty trends over the past three years — a move toward natural hair color, and for those of us in our 40s and older, that means grey.

“When Covid hit and we were in lockdown, I decided that was the time to go all out,” shared Mia B

Feel More Like You™ - A Beauty Oncology Podcast

Award-winning journalist Caitlin Kiernan is a beauty director, cancer survivor and author of Pretty Sick: The Beauty Guide for Women with Cancer. Her career includes stints as a fashion columnist, Fashion Plate Cait at the Times Herald-Record, beauty director at Life & Style Weekly and beauty producer for Amazon's first live-streaming fashion and beauty show, Style Code Live. Caitlin currently serves as the beauty director of Star and OK! magazines, appears on both national and local television

Walgreens: Parenting during a pandemic

While many enjoy the privilege of more family time, emotions can be amplified by disrupted education, teleworking, lower income, and family illness. Parents need help from their employers and support systems—and children need reassurance from their parents, which can be a challenge right now. Still, we can make proactive steps to create a positive environment for ourselves and our families with some helpful and effective steps. Like You

How to transition your skin care from winter to spring (affordable 'investments' for women in their 40s)

Spring is time for renewal — and that includes our skin. In the winter, we prioritize hydration, but as March rolls around, we start looking for lightweight options as many of us venture back into a sunny civilization.

At a recent brunch, my 40-something girlfriends chatted up their skin care routines, asking me about the best simple switches as we roll into warmer weather. Like most of us, these GALs don’t have time to deep dive into research and reviews nor trial and error: They want bona fid

Walgreens: Beauty editor: What I love to use every day

Beauty product recommendations are kind of my thing. As a beauty editor and makeup artist, I'm always asked what to buy, what I can't live without, what I'd take to a deserted island—you get the drift. So, this Valentine's month, I'm sharing the love—what I use every day (at least right now!), so you, too, can fall in love with these special drugstore beauty finds.

We're so dang picky when it comes to mascara—and for good reason. It's the one product that's a mainstay in our beauty bags, and th
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